Access Aviator Advance

A loan that is only accessible to Pilots and Flight engineers to solely finance the "Type Rating" certification

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Access Bank - Aviator Advantage

Access Aviator Advance

The Access Aviator Advance is a loan that is only accessible to Pilots and Flight engineers to solely finance the “Type Rating” certification. 



  • Aviators within the employment of pre-approved airlines can attain globally recognized certification without undue strains on personal cashflow as the bank will provide an advance to cover the tuition.
  • This advance will facilitate the Aviator’s compliance with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority’s flight standards for Aviators operating in Nigeria.
  • The Aviator’s earning capacity is enhanced as airlines will typically pay a premium for Aviators with the relevant “Type Rating” from a globally recognized Aviation Training Center (ATC).



Interest rate- floating, currently 18% per annum.
The Access Aviator Advance is a product that enables Pilots and Flight Engineers access funding to finance "Type Rating" specifications?
An applicant must be within the age of 18 - 55 years
Though the loan is sourced in Naira, Access Bank will bid for Foreign Exchange from the Central Bank of Nigeria's Retail Auction and remit funds to the Aviation Training Center on behalf of the Aviator.
Since a Typical Type Rating course is denominated in foreign currency, the Access Aviator Advance is capped at the Naira equivalent of US$30,000 per individual
  1. Valid employment with an airline.
  2. Valid Commercial Pilot License or relevant certification (for Navigators/ Flight Engineers) issued by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) or any competent Civil Aviation Authority.
  3. Provision of 20% equity contribution.
  4. Membership of National Association of Aircraft Pilots & Engineers (NAAPE).


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