Hospitality & Tourism

We are committed to providing innovative solutions and supporting the growth of hospitality sector at large

Hospitality and Tourism

In our resolution to become the bank of choice for Hospitality and Tourism industry, we have taken definite steps and employed the best in class technology and officers to deliver world class financial services to our stakeholders, especially you – the customer.

Offerings for Hospitality & Tourism Sector

We recognize that the Hospitality and Tourism industry is a key attraction to local and foreign investors for economic development. Your sector’s immense contribution to the growth of global/local tourism as well as your vital role in fostering travel preferences for tourist cannot be over emphasized.

Sequel to the above, Access Bank is committed to providing innovative solutions and supporting the growth of hotels, restaurant, lounges, tour guides and the hospitality sector at large. We are pleased to introduce our bespoke products, services and solutions specially designed to cater to the needs of players in this industry which include but not limited to:

  • SME focused business accounts (Gold Current and Mpower Biz accounts)
     These accounts are specially designed to help you run a proper business account at minimal cost with the capacity of leaving an agreed moderate account balance, while equipping you with required skills to grow your business. Some of the benefits of these accounts include:
    Mpower Biz Account Gold Current Account
    Zero monthly maintenance fee. Zero monthly maintenance fee subject to compliance with maximum monthly debit turnover of N5 million
    Access to sector-based capacity building programs. (Power Breakfast). No restriction on number of withdrawals.
    Minimum opening balance of N50,000. Minimum opening amount of N5,000
    Maximum monthly turnover of N100m N5m Maximum monthly turnover
    Minimum daily balance of N100,000 Minimum daily balance of N5,000
  • Savings and Investment
     We have various savings and premium investment products for your business and
    employees such as: travel savings plan, wedding savings plan, FRD advantage (fixed
    rate deposit) etc.
  • Convenient Banking
     Our array of alternate channels such as P.O.S terminal, mobile/online banking, PRIMUSLITE (a robust e-payment and collection solution), debit cards, Access Money, and PayWithCapture (PWC), a revolutionary payment solution which delivers convenience and security in managing bulk payments, such as paying salaries and in consummating other banking transactions.

    There are enormous benefits with working with us as we unravel other needs that may not be covered under this proposal. We will be happy to partner with your firm through the deployment of our various financial and lifestyle solutions.

  • Capacity Building Programs
      Access Bank customers have the privilege of being a part of our capacity building
    Programs for your work force development which include; basic hospitality service,
    time management, customer service training, financial management and personal
    development for your business and also organize trainings in conjunction with you
    where the opportunity presents itself.
  • Access to Market
      We offer ‘Access to Market’ to our customers through our affiliate program targeted at increasing traffic volumes and promoting competitive business for our customers (a web application deployed to automate various processes in online hotel bookings/reservation). 
  • Access to Finance
     Asset Acquisition/Improvement Finance that creates an efficient platform to provide credit to qualified business for:
       - Purchase of New fixed Assets 
       - Renovation, enhancement & expansion of Business Premises
         Working Capital Finance Facility to be available in the form of overdraft extension to facilitate purchase of consumables and other operating expenses for efficient operation.  
In addition, your employees can benefit from a wide array of loan products Including personal loans, vehicle finance, PayDay Advance, and mortgage facilities to meet their needs.

We look forward to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss our propositions in more details.