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At our service center you will get, simple, fast and secure tech-driven solutions to all your digital banking challenges.

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Access X

The Experience Centre is a one-stop technology hub where our customers are taken on a digital tour spanning from Artificial intelligence to Robotics, and Smart data, It is related to our digital channels and a place to demonstrate the best of our innovative solutions through self-service banking. while providing access to a mix of product information and lifestyle offerings.

The Experience Centre highlights our digital capabilities in providing top notch service to our customers.


Access X Offers

Digital Banking Services

All issues concerning Login challenges, Pin issuance, Limit maintenance, Channels set up & Onboarding, Device compatibility as well as OTP generation. You can also make enquiries on.

  • Digital banking Set-up
  • BVN maintenance
  • Transfer charges and related issues. 

ATM Services

At Access X, you will also get speedy resolution to all your debit card or ATM issues, especially as it relates to.

  • Withdrawal issues
  • Damaged, Lost, or Stolen card blockage
  • Card Activation

Video Banking Solution

At Access X, you can solve instant account issues, open a bank account amongst other services while on a video call with the contact center agent.

  • You walk into the center.
  • Dial contact center.
  • The contact center agent responds, and issues are resolved.

Card Dispensing Kiosk

You do not need to queue in the bank or wait for an hour for a card. Simply go to the kiosk, request for the card or cheque or Facepay or any other additional service on the kiosk. It is fast, quick, and reliable.

  • You input your account number.
  • Select preferred card.
  • A BVN verification is done.
  • ID card is validated.
  • You pay and the card is printed.

Queue Management System

The Queue management system is a unique service that aims to improve service turnaround time and overall customer experience, it does this by using artificial intelligence system that informs the engineer how many customers are on queue. and calculates the time each staff at the experience center spends on a customer.

  • Walk into the center, go to a screen, and input your name and phone number
  • Select the issue to resolve.
  • You wait, no paper is issued.
  • The screen tells you, the engineer to speak to.
  • You head over to the engineer and their issue is resolved.

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