Carry out banking transactions online from the convenience of your PC and web-enabled mobile phones, anywhere anytime

Business Online

Access Pay 

Highly secured with detailed audit trails. Minimize reconciliation challenges, control fraud and reduce losses. Instant value to payment beneficiaries


  • Daily rendition of MT940 formatted reports with detailed audit trail for all transactions
  • Module categorization of rights for users based on roles.


  • Streamlined and efficient revenue collections process
  • Controls fraud and reduces losses
  • Instant value to payment beneficiaries

Access FX

This is a web-enabled FX Trade and settlement platform that for our customers to execute foreign exchange transactions by provides a way providing online access to competitive FX rates on a real-time basis. 
​This product is designed for customers who import from countries where the national currency is not USD, giving them the opportunity to be invoiced in the currency of the country of origin and therefore avoid exorbitant mark-ups built into USD invoices. 


  • Delivered in a browser, no need for Java or plug ins,
  • Customer can request for quotes on specific amounts and currencies, Availability of an automated order management system.


  • Gives customers access to executable foreign exchange rates across a wide range of currency pairs.
  • Significant savings of up to 10% by avoiding the additional currency margins built into prices by suppliers when converting their import bill to USD 
  • Secure and cost efficient platform for transactions. 
  • Up to 100 different currency pairs

Online Banking 

This platform enables customers have access to their accounts and carry out banking transactions online from the convenience of their PC (personal computer) and web-enabled mobile phones, anywhere anytime. Pay your bills at your convenience (Any bill, e.g DSTV, HiTV; PHCN) 


  • Transactions are online real-time. Account statement downloads can be done from the comfort of the office.


  • Secure, fast, user friendly and guarantees our customers efficient and convenient banking